About Us

log-i-cal is an app designed by experts in the time and workload management. It is the only app that
effectively combines your calendar and your tasks in one place.

Our founder, James McKimm, has specialized in productivity training, workload management skills and how those skills directly improve the quality of your life.
These skills, while not taught in school or business, are necessary in the 21st century. James recognizes that being successful (however you define successful) requires new competencies that will be as important as basic literacy was in the early 20th century or computer literacy was in the late 20th century. He understands that while tools are important, they are nearly useless without a solid process. 

“Log-i-cal practices” will make organizations more effective and efficient by focusing on priorities, while making individuals happier and healthier through reduced stress and improved work/life balance.

James McKimm, Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP)

James is known for his sense of humour, perseverance, dedication, enthusiasm, and patience.
James has  20 years of professional experience using strong communication skills to enhance youth and adult learning. He is a skilled instructor, able to motivate individuals of diverse backgrounds to achieve their goals, including government, private industry including the Fortune 500, non-profit organizations, from high tech to manufacturing, labour to academia; including executives, entrepreneurs, management, account representatives, administrators, project managers, knowledge workers, students, socio-economically disadvantaged individuals and those living with disabilities.  
An enthusiastic and thorough coach and team leader, James is able to convey information with clarity, patience and the terminology appropriate to specific audiences. He has built a prominent business from the ground up and handled all aspects of growing a start-up through expansion and maturity.

James' training experience includes:

facilitating workshops that inspired clients to build leadership skills, achieve self-sufficiency, manage priorities and projects, workloads and change, improve self-control and effectiveness of individuals and their organizations;

in  the role of trainer for corporate, federal and provincial government clients for intensive
½, 1, 2 or 3-day programs, featuring interactive lecture style, visuals, activities, team-teaching skills and facilitating breakout groups.  He is skilled at delivering programs with web-based tools (Webex, LiveMeeting, GotoMeeting/Webinar);”